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A bonded title is another name for a document known as a Certificate of Title Surety. Utilized in lieu of a standard car title, obtaining the bond makes it possible to move forward with registering the motor vehicle with the local Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. The document also serves as proof of ownership, making it possible to purchase insurance for the vehicle. First, an attempt to locate a legitimate car title must be made before application for the bond is made. Second, the vehicle must be bought or received as a gift; it is usually not possible to obtain a bonded title on any vehicle that is found abandoned. Last, the local jurisdiction is likely to require the payment of taxes that are in excess of the current value of the vehicle; this is different from the usual practice in many jurisdictions that based the applicable taxes on the current assessed value of the vehicle. at houston texans auto title service we know how important it is to have vehicle registration in compliance with texas state laws and we will get the job done within 1 TO 2 business days. there is no job too complicated for us to handle here at houston texans auto title service. we not only do bonded titles but we also specialize in auto title transfers, vehicle registration, vehicle state inspection, lost and duplicate titles, heirship titles, motorcycle title transfer, international title transfer, COMBINATION, APPORTIONED, and token trailer plates, and many other car title situations. call kem at 281-901-7909 and get the help you need to get the peace you deserve. come to 2855 mangum rd ste 567, houston, TX 77092 we are open mon thru sat from 10AM UNTIL 7PM. 

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