Save Up To 25% on Your Energy Bill Guaranteed

How Does the Powersave Unit Work?

"Power factor optimization" significantly increases the efficiency of your motor load and stores wasted energy resulting in decreased demand and usage of electricity from your utility company. This equates to significant cost savings for you the home owner.

What is Power Factor?Power factor is the measurement of how efficient your electrical system is. The Department of Energy gives a great example. Imagine a horse pulling a locomotive on its track. But the horse is 20-30 degrees to the right or left of the track. The horse has to exert 20% or more energy to pull the train than if it were directly in front of the locomotive. The Powersave aligns the horse directly in front of the locomotive making it easier to pull the locomotive. This is power factor. An alignment, or if you will an electrical phase alignment.

Read the DOE report here.Does the Powersave 1200™ work in any home?Yes it does, as long as you have a circuit breaker panel with breaker switches and not the old screw in type fuses. The unit will work on any single-phase electric application for homes. our home? Go to your panel, if there are two open slots, your good to go.

you have a 3-phase Power-Save for commercial applications?Yes. Our bussines owners are our biggest savers!

Will the Powersave affect any of my appliances and their normal use?Yes, your appliance motors motors will run about 10% cooler, which is good for a motor because heat is the enemy of a motor. A cooler motor lasts longer!

How much can I expect to save per month by using the Powersave?That depends on many factors. The size of your home, the amount of inductive motor load, and the amount you are paying per kilowatt-hour for electricity etc. Protecting and extending the life of your appliances is worth how much to you? However, generally speaking users of the product have seen up to 25% in reduced consumption, but the average savings is somewhere in the 15% to 20% range. Our business owners, save big! Some more than 50%.

How long will it take for the Powersave to pay for itself?With our new lower prices, about 6 months or less for home owners and as little as 2 months for commercial businesses. But again, the same factors above apply, some will see sooner, some will see later , but the unit will pay for it's self within a few months.

Is the Powersave easy to Install?We recommend installation by an electrician. But the homeowner can install, as long as the installation is to code. The unit comes with complete installation instructions andIt installs in about 20-30 minutes.

How long will the Powersave last?It has a predicted lifespan of more than 20 years. My unit has been performing flawlessly for over 11 years.

Why haven’t I heard of this product until now?That’s easy, two words “cost effectiveness”. Up until recently, electric rates throughout America were cheap, costing us 2, 3 or 4 cents per kilowatt-hour. Now, electric rates have reached 14, and 19 and in some cases, New York City is 22 cents per Kwh, Hawaii is 33.5 cents per Kwh. At the cheaper rates the Powersave didn’t make sense, but at the current rates, it makes all the sense in the world.

Is the Power-Save 1200™ Unit Warranted?Yes, 5 year Manufacturers Warranty for full replacement.

is there a “Money Back Guarantee”?Yes, 60-day money back guarantee. If in 60 days, you don’t see reduction in usage on your electric bill, call us and let us know, and we’ll give you details on how to return the unit for a full refund of the purchase price. Installation cost will not be refunded.

Why is your competitors product cheaper?It's all about the insides. Our capacitors are of the highest quality. You may notice our competitors units are different shapes, some have one indicator light, some have three, some have labels and some don't. Most have a plastic enclosure, ours is solid steel. Be cautious, read their return policy and warranty information. Most of all look at their liability statement. Most have no liability at all! Powersave protects you with a $1,000,000.00 dollar libility policy and has been tested by the Underwireters Labratories! No competitor can match our product. They are all knock-offs of the original Powersave!

Do you have a privacy policy?Yes. I will never share your information. Matter of fact, I never see your credit information, I only receive shipping information, and that you have paid.

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