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Professional Resume Writing Services

A professional resume is the key to providing a positive first impression in any job market. All hiring managers and HR professionals comb through hundreds and, many times, thousands of resumes when seeking job applicants. It is imperative that you have a well-crafted, professional resume that suits the industry and job description you are seeking to apply for employment. We know this task can be challenging and, at times, it may seem daunting and even scary. With our expertise and business acumen, we can help you meet this challenging task and deliver on future opportunities! 

My Credentials:

- 15+ years as a professional Manager and Leader

- Holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A with a focus in Leadership

- Experience in Human Resources, Site Management, Business Ownership, Finance, Accounting, Recruiting, Forecasting, Budgeting, etc.

 - Attended several People Leadership courses, including Successfully Managing People through the American Management Association, counseling and coaching courses, etc.

- Personally hired or contributed to hiring 1000+ people over the tenure of my career

- Provided coaching and career counseling for many during my career 

- Hired and filled positions in many industries and job titles including oil & gas, agriculture, recycling, engineering, operations, construction, customer service, accounting, finance, service industry, waste industry, landscape industry, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, technicians, shipping & receiving, distribution, administrative, project management, skilled trades, management, cleaning services, etc. 

The Process: 

After receiving payment and an emailed copy of your original resume, I will email you a brief list of questions that will assist me in recognizing your talents, career objectives and skill sets in order to best market your potential. Once your completed questionnaire is received, I should be able to complete your new resume within 48-72 hours. Please indicate if you need a rush or if there are any time sensitive issues that we would need to discuss prior to purchasing my services. Once completed, I will email your new resume to you in both Word and PDF formats (a valid customer email address is necessary for all services provided).

The Services:

Inclusive in your purchase, you will receive a professionally written resume sent to you via email as a word and pdf file. All services are cross examined for accuracy and errors, spelling, grammar and any inconsistencies by an experienced paralegal and administrative professional. 

Other Services Offered  (at an additional price as listed below/appointment times are subject to mutual availability):

- Career Counseling & Coaching (30 minutes - $30, 1 hour - $50) 

- Interview Preparation & Coaching (30 minutes - $30, 1 hour - $50)

- Resume Overview Consult (10 minutes - $10, 20 minutes -$15)

- Cover Letters ($5) 

- Thank You Letters ($5)

- References Page ($5) 

- Business Consulting Services (Free initial discussion, future service costs determinant on consulting services requested) 

**All sales and services are final, no refunds, no returns, no exchanges. No warranties or guarantees of any kind neither expressed nor implied. 

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