Potential 25-150% Monthly Returns

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" I am offering a potentially High Risk to HIGH REWARD investment opportunity, trading on your behalf in the Foreign Currency Exchange, also known as Forex Market.


 #1. HERE is the GREAT thing about doing business with me:


 I do all the work, your PART is to provide the funds. My experience started in 1998 when I obtained my license then to trade Foreign Currency Options on the Philadelphia Exchange.


 And you are going to LOVE this:

There is no inventory to sell, no marketing plan to worry about, no publicity needed, no distributors, logistics to figure out, no rising manufacturing costs for widget production, and no overhead. You get the picture.


 Yes, it's TOTALLY different from anything you've heard or familiar with.


 EVEN BETTER: There are no long term contracts, IT'S month to month, if you don't like the results in as little as 30 days, you can take your money and walk away- anytime.


 There is zero set up fees, no maintenance fees, no other fees except fees from percentages of profits ONLY. What broker would do that? Charge nothing and only get paid if he makes you money, ever.

And what’s great about this is, it’s very possible to see 25%-150% returns per month. Maybe more if "the odds be in our favor.


 #3. I can ONLY allow 15 Members per 12 month period, per the regulations in which I set up my company. So now I am accepting applications for 2014-2015 spots.


 #4. UNDERSTAND I am making NO guarantees on returns and my offer is only for those who are reasonably risk tolerant.


 If you don't believe you could make money with me? Start out with ANY DEPOSIT AMOUNT and judge for yourself. Why? Because I want you to sleep well at night.



 DISCLAIMER: Any money you risk, should not be money you cannot afford to lose no matter what the potential upside is. But, if you have some money that you can afford to risk, give it a shot and you will see what you have been missing.


 I do all the work, you just provide the funds. I am experienced and licensed since 1998 to trade Foreign Currency Options on PHLX.



www.PrivateInvestmentCo.Com for more info.

 There are only 15 spots only available per 12 month period.


 Do you want a spot?

 Call me directly if so.

 David 512.763.7704


 Serious Inquiries only please.

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