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If you have lost the title to your vehicle and you are not sure what to do we can help. If you purchased the vehicle from a dealership and the vehicle was financed we will need to have the VIN (vehicle identification number) so we can research the title history to the vehicle. The reason this is important is because when you finance a vehicle a lien is placed on the unit until the loan is satisfied in full. Once the loan has been satisfied the title is then mailed to the registered owner accompanied with either a separate lien release or in some instanced the lien is released on the front of the title. The lien holder will not instruct you to take the title and the lien release immediately to the CTA to have the lien removed from the vehicle. Thus causing an unrecorded lien on the vehicle. Which is only a problem in the event the title is lost, destroyed or misplaced. At Houston Texans Auto Title we can help in these situations and many more. We also offer services for the following: AUTO TITLE, AUTO REGISTRATION STICKERS, MECHANIC LIEN'S; AUTO TITLE TRANSFERS, AUTO LOST TITLES, AUTO BONDED TITLES, AUTO SALVAGE TITLES, AUTO OUT OF STATE TITLES, AUTO DUPLICATE TITLES, AUTO 30 DAY TEMPORARY TAGS, 18 WHEELER PERMITS, VEHICLE TITLE, VEHICLE REGISTRATION STICKERS, VEHICLE TITLE TRANSFERS, VEHICLE LOST TITLES, VEHICLE BONDED TITLES, VEHICLE SALVAGE TITLES, VEHICLE OUT OF STATE TITLES, VEHICLE DUPLICATE TITLES, VEHICLE 30 DAY TEMPORARY TAGS, CAR TITLE, CAR REGISTRATION STICKER, CAR TITLE TRANSFER, CAR LOST TITLE, CAR BONDED TITLE, CAR SALVAGE TITLE, CAR DUPLICATE TITLE, CAR 30 DAY TEMPORARY TAGS, MOTORCYCLE TITLE, MOTORCYCLE REGISTRATION STICKER, MOTORCYCLE TITLE TRANSFER, MOTORCYCLE LOST TITLE, MOTORCYCLE BONDED TITLE, MOTORCYCLE OUT OF STATE TITLE, MOTORCYCLE DUPLICATE TITLE, BOAT TITLE, BOAT REGISTRATION STICKERS, BOAT TITLE TRANSFERS, MOBILE NOTARY, MOTOR VEHICLE APPRAISALS AND MORE.Call Kem at 281-901-7909 for assistance with any title questions and we can help.

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